• Healthy Balanced Diet

    In order to succeed you MUST:Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet.

  • Healthy Food Choices

    It is Essential to:Know what to eat & make healthy food choices.

  • Alcohol

    Did You Know?

    • 8-10 beers = 800-1000 calories
    • 6-7 mixed drinks = 1200-1400 calories
    • 5 glasses of wine = 600-800 calories
    • 1oz of liquor contains 100-120 calories

  • Do You Have Goals?

    To reach them, you must:

    • Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet
    • Exercise Often & Properly
    • Rest & Relax


The ability to gain strength, speed, and conditioning levels is based upon the quality of work performed, not the quantity of work done. An individual’s genetic makeup and sound nutrition will determine strength and size potential. The amount of exercise that one is able to recover from will also vary from person to person. You may need more time to recover than your training partner who does the same amount of exercises or runs the same distance. Everyone’s recovery systems are different.

One of the biggest factors in recovery is the amount of sleep that you get.

The following are ways that you can improve your recovery:

1. Get on a sleep schedule. Make sure you are in bed early enough to get six to eight hours of sleep per night.

2. Take naps whenever you can fit them in during the day. 30 minute power naps are best.

3. Eat a properly, healthy and balanced diet.

Exercise depletes the stored sugar in your muscles. Exercise is a form of stress and by itself produces nothing of value. It is the stimulus for producing strength and conditioning results. It is rest that allows improvement to occur. As you gain strength or become better fit, you are performing more work. Remember that your recovery systems are different.


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