Why Triumph Fitness?
Triumph Fitness offers more than a personal trainer at a gym for a fraction of the cost. When you join a gym, there’s no one automatically pushing you to reach your goals and keeping you accountable on the way to achieving them, thus most people lose motivation, fall off and don’t work out much. With Triumph Fitness, as there will always be at least one personal trainer on hand at all times, we will not only lead you in the right direction fitness-wise but nutritionally as well. You will get more results and enjoy it a lot more than any gym membership – guaranteed. Tell me, who else can guarantee you results and fun?

Do I need to bring anything?
Yes, water, yoga mat, light dumbbells (5-10 lbs).

What is the structure of your camps?
We like to keep it unpredictable (so that your body will continue to change) but we will always stretch, do some sort of cardio, circuit based interval training & abs.

If I have a friend who wants to join tomorrow can he/she?
Yes, anyone can join at anytime and if you get them to sign up, you get HALF-OFF your next month!

Are we running?
Yes but that’s not all we are doing by any means.

I am a woman, will I get “buff” like a man if I work out with you?
No, not at all. Our basic weight loss camps are focused on just that, weight loss. Plus, the only weight we use are your dumbbells. Also, women don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies to make you look like a muscular man. If women do, they either have high levels of testosterone or are taking some sort of human growth hormone or other supplement to make them look that way. There are to be no worries.

What if I miss a day, can I make it up?
Not unless approved by your trainer.

What kind of workouts are we doing?
Circuit based interval training followed by cardio to help increase stamina and above all, weight loss. We finish up with ab exercises most days.

Will I see results?
Results will vary between clients. Most clients will lose between 5-20 lbs in 4 weeks. Clothing starts to fit looser within the 2nd to 3rd week. Now, these results occur with a lot of hard work, dedication, and proper eating habits. Holding yourself accountable is key to your success with our boot camps.

Is this going to be fun?
Yes! Working out in a group atmosphere, enduring the same workout as the partner next to you can be an absolute blast. Working out does not have to be torture. The trainers are dedicated in making these workouts fun while giving you the support and motivation you need to successfully complete each workout and grow closer in reaching your fitness goals. But make no mistake, we work hard!

I see that we workout outside. What if it rains?
I post a cancel notice and Workout Of the Day (WOD) to our Facebook & Twitter so you can workout at home. Don’t worry though, the WOD will give you a great workout and we will see you the next day!

Do you recommend eating a certain diet while working out?
No. Eat a strict and balanced healthy diet and your body will respond accordingly to how it was made.

Can you help me with nutrition?
Yes. We offer nutrition advice as requested. – Start with this FREE Nutrition Download from Triumph Fitness.

Is there an age limit for your group fitness camps?
Yes. You must be at least 15 years old to participate.

When are your group fitness camps?
Monday-Friday 7:00 – 8:00 am (Co-ed Group Fitness Camp)

Where are your group fitness camps held?
Co-ed Group Fitness Camp – North Hall Park

What are your prices?
Month to Month contract $50/mo
3 Month contract $45/mo
6 Month contract $35/mo

Can I ask you specific questions or talk to you directly?
Absolutely! Send Colby a direct e-mail at or call now at 936.349.3136.