Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” –Nelson Mandela

Over 72 million children in the world today are prevented from attending school and many don’t get an education past the sixth grade. In most countries children are required to pay for tuition, uniforms, supplies, and books in order to attend school. With almost half the world living on less than $2.50 a day, this becomes impossible for many families. Parents have to choose between food or schooling; thus many kids stay home to work, in order to help the family survive. Haiti and Nicaragua are two countries that are no strangers to low income with the average family living on less than $1 a day. They are the two poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Only 50% of children in these two countries are enrolled in school, while the rest are working or living on the streets. Lack of education is a major cause of persistent poverty, and poverty leads to a lack of education. This creates a tricky cycle that must be addressed for the sake of these countries sustainability and the sake of their children.

Colby Gardner, the owner of Triumph Fitness, often travels to Haiti and Nicaragua as a Christian Missionary. His heart for the people in these countries has allowed him to build ongoing relationships and is often invited into their daily lives, giving him an intimate view of their constant struggles. The more he visits, the more he sees their great needs. He has seen that the biggest needs are for hope through discipleship with Jesus Christ and education. This has led to a passion to do more and make a lasting change in the people of Haiti and Nicaragua. Colby wants to involve everyone he can reach and motivate those who really want to make a difference for someone who needs it. Triumph Fitness has decided to give back by providing children from Haiti and Nicaragua an education. Simple as that. It’s an act of love that will redirect the futures of so many. They have decided that 20% of their income will go toward the educations of the children Colby personally knows in these two beloved countries. Not too many people will argue that children are the future of any country, but without education they fall into the trap of poverty and the future dims a little. Be a part of something that will not only impact today’s generation, but many more to come.

We seek to no longer survive, but thrive.” –Triumph Education


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