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colbytrainerColby Gardner | Owner & Trainer                               5 Years Experience

Colby grew up on a farm in the middle of East Texas, son to a coach and teacher. He learned quickly that working hard wasn’t a choice to be made – it was the necessary means of staying alive and enjoying life to its core. Colby was always the “cute” chubby kid who had to work for everything he got from sports to food on the table. As he grew older, Colby began to see the great value in his hard work, leading to a lifestyle of pursuing the “more” in life that we all so long for. After attaining his degree in Health & Kinesiology from Sam Houston State University, Colby quickly followed suit in profession, stepping in to the family business, becoming a coach and teacher. After a few years of coaching and teaching, the course of his life changed drastically, landing him as a Christian missionary, a different way of coaching and teaching. These days, Colby also finds himself as a personal trainer and owner of his own business, Triumph Fitness, leading people to find wholeness in all areas of life. Since he was a child, Colby loved connecting with people and surfacing the greatness within them! He has five years of professional experience in the fitness realm, not including all he has learned from the family business of coaching and teaching. More than anything, Colby’s passion is empowering you to take what’s before you, take joy in it, and give it away freely, inviting others into a journey that can only be explained with the word, “more”.

Tia Roberts

Tia Roberts | Trainer                                                      4 Years Experience

Growing up, Tia was in and out of sports and wanted to participate but wasn’t actually that good. Her family struggled with what seemed to be the never ending roller coaster of losing and gaining weight, and this put a heavy strain on her to be beautiful. The uphill battle was rough to say the least, but as a young adult Tia got involved with modeling and was constantly pressured to lose weight, but never in a healthy manner. After several years of “not being thin enough”, she bowed out of the modeling industry and decided to start eating and working out for health instead of looks. After a few years of taking the journey for herself, Tia decided to pick up and serve as a personal trainer during her college years. Since then, she has experimented with diets from vegetarian, vegan, raw, and Paleo, finding that a healthy diet of balance is the best option for being truly healthy. Now, Tia eats and works out for her energy and health, inviting others into her joy. She is passionate about helping people accomplish more than they thought possible, but even more than that, she loves awakening people to their identities, helping them realize they truly are beautiful and can walk forward in confidence believing in themselves – body and all.


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