Megan Breor – 23 Years Old

40lbs Lost and Counting

“I have no idea where I would be without Triumph Fitness. Well, actually I do. I would more than likely be sitting somewhere twenty some odd pounds heavier and sad. For so long I had attempted to lose weight. I tried every fad diet out there. I would exercise for a day and be done with it. At Triumph Fitness, I was challenged to say the least, but those challenges were faced with prayer and encouragement from everyone that surrounded me daily at workouts! I knew in my mind the big goal I wanted to attain, to lose 50lbs, which was a bit overwhelming. But with the constant encouragement of Colby and everyone else at Triumph Fitness, I can say I am halfway to my big goal. Once I reach that goal, I will continue to set smaller goals and move forward from there. I couldn’t say ‘thank you’ enough to everyone at Triumph! Not only did they make me fall in love with exercising, but I realize that there is so much more to getting healthy than just dieting! If you’re looking for a place to get back into shape and enjoy the process, you need to get linked up with Triumph Fitness! Seriously.” –Megan Breor

Megan Breor | March 2013 to May 2013

Dusty Dills – 26 Years Old

192lbs to 180lbs = 12lbs Lost

Dusty Dills | July 2012 to November 2012

“After living in the third world for 11 months on the World Race, I lost a lot of weight, but was still unhealthy. I returned in July 2012 and was encouraged by Colby to come work out. Really the only excuse I had, other than not wanting to get up early, was that all my life I suffered from severe exercise induced asthma. Nonetheless, I went. Little did I know just how much it would change my life physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally all at the same time! It has been 10 weeks now (as of November 26th, 2012) and I can see legitimate changes taking place, and I even lost the body fat and gained the muscle that I wanted! I now look forward to getting up and working out and I’ve learned that hard work pays off! Colby, now one of my best friends, has come along side me to encourage me each step of the way! Thanks, Triumph Fitness!” –Dusty Dills

“Dusty’s story speaks for itself. Read more about it here.”  -Colby Gardner

After one full year of Triumph Fitness and even a half marathon later, Dusty Dills has lost 10lbs from his pot belly, found his confidence, and gained a substantial amount of muscle. Not only has Dusty accomplished goals, he has quickly become the Triumph Fitness poster boy and assistant trainer. This goes to show that setting realistic goals, disciplining yourself, and jumping into a safe and challenging community with adequate resources pays off. We are all proud of you Dusty!

“If you are willing to put forth the work and go after it, stories like this are possible. I always saw testimonies on the internet and TV where people overcame these great health problems and didn’t think that it could be done in my own life. I now know first hand that it’s not only possible but is much more attainable than we let ourselves to believe. I have learned that it is essential in this journey to have faith, surround yourself with a supportive and challenging community, and be patient.” -Dusty Dills

Dusty Dills - Before & After Update

Gini Turn  –  61 Years Old

200lbs to 183lbs = 17lbs Lost

“Colby Gardner, was my personal trainer for approximately 2 months. I started this new path to a healthy life in January, 2012, and he has become a major member of my “band of angels” on my new journey to health. He has the special gift of gauging where you are and motivating you to reach higher and accomplish more than you ever thought was possible. All the while, he is encouraging with a strong kindness and actually making workouts fun, instead of boring punishment. A few months ago, I never ever would have thought I would be a fitness “junkie”, but Colby has converted me to wanting to accomplish more on my road to a healthy & full life!!!” -Gini Turn

“Gini was such a blessing to work with. She liked to have fun yet took her physical fitness and nutrition very serious. We always discussed fun ways to improve her healthy and active lifestyle as we moved ahead. When Gini began, she couldn’t even complete one full sit-up, but after two months, she was well over 50! Gini started by recognizing that she had a need, finding the right resources to meet her needs and putting one foot in front of the other to see them fulfilled. Mrs. Gini, you’re amazing and I’m so excited to see even more transformation in your life!” -Colby Gardner

Gini Turn - Triumph Fitness Testimonies | Gainesville, GA

Cindi Williams –  31 Years Old

Healed | Exercise Induced Asthma


On day one (left – 8/23), Cindi Williams shared with us her concern that because she has always had exercise induced asthma she was unsure about how she could be active and get healthier. The Triumph Fitness Crew gathered ’round and prayed over her, encouraged her, and proclaimed with her healing in Jesus name.

This morning (right – 9/30), I overheard Cindi excitedly telling one of her friends during workout, “I haven’t had to use this even once” as she held up her inhaler. Rejoice with us! God still heals – all hearts, minds, and bodies – and simply desires to show us that we were and still are worth it! Thank you, Jesus!

By the way, that’s the second case of exercise induced asthma that has been healed at Triumph Fitness! Right, Dusty Dills?

Cindi, it’s been incredible seeing your journey thus far! And just to think, you just began! -Colby

Katie Rowland

“In general, I have more energy! I enjoy working out more than ever before. I don’t have any trackable results because I don’t own a scale, but I believe I look better (and feel skinnier) than I have in a long time. One of the greatest things I’ve received from Triumph Fitness is the knowledge that I actually enjoy working out and love the effects of working out. I never knew before that I could enjoy it before now. Thanks Colby!”


Taryn Neurohr

“Three months ago, I was against any thought of getting up at 6am to drive half an hour in order to get my butt kicked for an hour by a CrossFit type workout. However, I decided to do it anyway. Now, 3 months later, I am reaping in the rewards of participating in Triumph Fitness workouts. Through the soreness and exhaustion of it all, I have felt my mood improve and my physical shape has been rapidly transforming to where I have gained more muscle tone and increased my endurance. I not only feel stronger but I feel overall better about myself which is huge because before I started, I had a very negative view of myself. I would say my favorite part about Colby’s workouts is the constant encouragement I receive from him and the others. We build each other up with our words and speak God’s truths over each other. That in itself has allowed me to see that the struggle is worth it! I am worth it! It’s the perfect way to start my day and I absolutely love the people I get to workout with! I am excited to see how my body continues to transform in the coming months. One thing I know is that there’s no going back to who I used to be. I don’t want that old life anymore. I now eat healthier and feel better. Why would I choose to go back when I am walking into greater glory with the Lord now?”

Erin Demeter

“Triumph Fitness has helped me because even when I gave up on myself, Colby and the other Triumph folks didn’t! Colby helped me learn that my journey doesn’t look like anyone else’s and it’s okay to be where I’m at. I know that he will help me reach my goals.”


Ashley Breor

“I am more positive now after working out with Triumph Fitness, and with anything challenging that I face, I seem to see the better outcome. I love how it rubs off on other people too! Being healthy by working out and choosing to eat right creates a clean slate in my walk with Christ as well! It makes me feel like I’m offering myself to God by keeping my earthly body clean and pure, just like I try to live pure and holy before Him spiritually. I want to protect His investment!”


Chase Glantz

“I have really noticed a soaring in my energy level, a newer sense of community and trust in my life. I’m still looking to see the physical results, as I have only been coming to Triumph Fitness for a very short time, but I have noticed my face looks thinner already!”


Alys Seay

“God is using Triumph Fitness to teach me that it is okay to value good health and fitness. We are God’s workmanship and a temple of God. In the past, I have known this, but used it as an excuse to control my body and what I eat. As I’m walking out of that, I’m learning to be kind and challenging to my body, both at the same time.”