Our Story

Colby | Bucharest City MarathonTriumph Fitness was pioneered by Colby Gardner, a native Texan with passions for fitness, sports, and adventure! Growing up in a coaching & teaching family, he quickly followed suit and took every step necessary to becoming a successful coach & teacher himself. In 2010, he went on the journey of a lifetime, the World Race. After returning to the USA in 2011, Colby decided to take a leap of faith and step into being a full-time missionary with Adventures in Missions (Gainesville, GA).

Since he was a child, Colby has always loved connecting with people and surfacing the greatness within them! As this began to birth even more after leaving the Texas coaching scene and coming home from the World Race, Colby knew that he couldn’t leave those passions behind, so he decided to launch Triumph Fitness, start group fitness camps in Gainesville and help people lose weight, guiding them to healthier, more active lifestyles. Since Colby has a number of years of experience in the fitness realm, from college sports, coaching and personal training, he knew that this would be a perfect fit as he converged these passions to serve the people of Gainesville, GA.

Above all, Colby’s heart is to serve you, and for you to know that he is FOR YOU and will see to it that you Triumph in your life as you move forward in whatever it may be!


Daniel & Colby | Bucharest City MarathonNot only does Colby like to challenge himself with outrageous goals and insane adventures, he likes to take them head-on! – In October of 2010, Colby & one of his best friends, Daniel Durick, took on the challenge of running the full 26.2 mile Bucharest City Marathon (Romania) with only 4 days of training (not recommended). With Daniel being an avid marathon runner and Iron Man, this was no great task, but Colby, he had never attempted to tackle anything of that magnitude. All of his life, Colby wanted to run a marathon before the day he died, and this was his chance and until that day, he hadn’t encountered a feat of this size, even through years of high school and college football in Texas. After 5 hours 23 minutes, the men rolled past the finish line with arms held high and spirits soaring, knowing that man can accomplish any great task before him if he is properly motivated, surrounded by the right support system and is willing to go to whatever length it takes to get there! Join the Triumph Fitness team, set your goals, face them head-on and – Triumph with us!

*Below, you will find footage from Colby’s greatest fitness challenge yet, the Bucharest City Marathon.