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Triumph Fitness | Group Fitness Camps

Group Fitness Camps

Group Fitness Camps are held at North Hall Park for one hour a day – Monday thru Friday. In Triumph Fitness Group Fitness Camps, you will experience unpredictable, dynamic and interval training that is designed to shock your body on a consistent basis, ensuring change. Each camp will be instructed by a Triumph Fitness personal trainer, sometimes two and you will always begin with dynamic stretching, strength and cardio exercises, finishing with abs. Triumph Fitness Group Fitness Camps are set to meet your goals at your pace, and with your dedication and hard-work, guarantees you results!

Triumph Fitness | Custom Camps

Custom Fitness Camps

Custom Fitness Camps are Triumph Fitness’ Group Fitness Camps that you create how you want them. Because it is your camp, you get to set an appropriate time for you and your group of friends/co-workers and a Triumph Fitness trainer will coordinate with you on how to best meet your needs. The benefit of Custom Fitness Camps is that if you aren’t one who feels comfortable working out around strangers or in a co-ed setting, you can gather a group of friends or co-workers and build your own Group Fitness Camp, tailored to your own skill level and specific goals. Triumph Fitness requires these camps to be 10 people minimum.

Triumph Fitness | Personal Training

Personal Training

Triumph Fitness’ Personal Trainer has the knowledge, skills, and experience to make your fitness training goals a reality. Colby is trained in the latest exercise techniques and nutrition research, bringing fresh concepts and faster results to your fitness training program. He is here to to provide the motivation and encouragement you need – whether you’re in a slump or speeding towards your goals. You will build a trusting personal relationship with Colby, as you will be working with him towards reaching your goals on a consistent basis. Each personal training session will be held at select locations depending on your goals and needs.

Triumph Fitness | Sport Speficic Training

Sport Specific Training

Triumph Fitness has a four step process in training their athletes – strength, speed, nutrition and functional training. With his collegiate sport and coaching experience, Colby will rigorously chisel you according to the high demands of your sport. Triumph Fitness’ Sport Specific Training is unlike any personal training session, due to the high intensity and demands in your sport of choice. Triumph Fitness believes in hard-nosed, blood sweat and tears when it comes to competitive sports and with their extensive experience and training, you are guaranteed, with your heart of a champion approach, the results you desire.