Our Goal

Triumph Fitness is your new leader in group fitness in the Gainesville, Georgia area. Triumph Fitness is not limited by a title: gym, club or camp – we are a movement. Triumph Fitness is a movement leading people to connect to the warrior inside of them, a wave of motivation and energy sweeping through your community, causing people to connect to who they were meant to be! We believe you are meant to run, jump, sweat, compete and TRIUMPH!


Triumph Fitness is a refuge to be around other like-minded individuals, working together to accomplish something for yourself and be challenged from within. Triumph Fitness will kindle the flame inside of you by helping you shatter your goals and conquer new heights for an adventurous and triumphant lifetime to come! We want to show you just how far you can go! Now unleash the warrior, join the movement — and TRIUMPH with us!


Look good & feel better with Triumph Fitness
while being properly educated to continue choosing a healthy
lifestyle as you victoriously move into new seasons of your life!