Our Clients

Young or old, large or small, great shape or no shape at all, we are here to serve you and are dedicated to personally meeting your needs on a daily basis! Triumph Fitness has served clients as old as 74 and teens as young as 14 with success in both areas as well as those clients between the spectrum. You will encounter extreme physical challenge met with motivation and camaraderie from other clients as well as your trainer that produce the results you want, a healthier, more active and better looking you — and we guarantee that!

Triumph Fitness | April 2013

With your dedication and earnest determination, Triumph Fitness will make sure that you reach your goals no matter how high, low or different from other clients they may be. No matter how you look or feel, Triumph Fitness is dedicated to work with you to ensure your personal success throughout your journey to a healthier and more active life. We will help you monitor your nutrition and keep you accountable to it as well as provide the right resources needed to sustain your new lifestyle! The day that you triumph is the day you take action — register today and find the new you!


Triumph Fitness — we put the umph  in Triumph!